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5 lessons learnt from Kapil Sharma v/s Sunil Grover ugly spat


The ugly spat between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover has gone from bad to worse. The shoe throwing incident that happened in a flight opened up many facts and truth giving a bad name to the show.

The latest is the reported strict ultimatum from channel’s top bosses to Kapil Sharma to mend his ways in the given grace period of one month.

Here are the top 5 lessons on team management the ugly spat has taught us:

1 : You can’t continue to rise or stay at the top by insulting your team mates.

Be cordial with your team mates and lead as an example. Be firm when required but always be polite and friendly and treat them as a family members/subordinates/ friends do not insult them and pass derogatory and personal comments

2 : Don’t break the ‘Winning Team’.

The winning combination must be maintained. Any alteration to please yourself or anyone else might result in friction. Remember it’s always the team work that wins and gives results.

3: People only worship the rising sun.

People have short memories and worship only the rising sun.

4 : It takes years to make a reputation and takes minutes to lose it.

A continuation of the above, negativity/bad behaviour ruins good work, once a status is achieved it needs double effort to ‘maintain’ the image

5 : Ego is dangerous

More than the habit of uncontrolled drinking, it’s ego that harms the most. Alcohol just brings that evil in you out in open. Kapil Sharma spat with Sunil Grover is the best example on how success gets over your head and your ego doesn’t allow you to appreciate the art and contribution of your team.