1.Naveen after completing his M.Tech in Nano technology wanted to start his own business. He thought to  manufacture sophisticated instruments used in surgery. He knew that his knowledge of Nano technology will  help the surgeons to operate upon the patients with accuracy, with minimum blood loss and quick post operation  recovery. Such types of instruments are used in advanced countries only and there was a risk in marketing the same. The cost price of machinery required, for manufacturing such instruments was very high and more researchwas required in this field of Nano technology. For seed funding, Naveen approached, ‘Himani Capital Ltd.’ Who  finance such types of projects. ‘Himani Capitals Ltd’ after Who finance such types of projects. ‘Himani Capitals Ltd’after analyzing the proposal agreed to provide seed capital to Naveen.Explain the different stages of ‘Early  stage financing’ to seek venture capital finance after the one discussed above.(2015)

2.Ganga Dhar was working as the production manager in a German company. The company was producing remote operated high end kitchen equipments. He resigned from his job and returned to his hometown, Patna. In Patna, he met his old friend Aditya, who had been managing his factory producing steel utensils with old technology. Ganga Dhar encouraged Aditya for the production of high end kitchen equipments. He also promised to help Aditya by providing funds and expertise so that the production unit run by Aditya can develop into a big production house and its investors may get high returns on investment.
Identify the kind of ‘source of capital’ provided by Ganga Dhar to Aditya and explain the same.(2015)


1.State any four functions of Industrial Development Bank of India.(2008)



1.What is the objective with which ‘Industrial Reconstruction Bank of India’ was setup? State any five functions  performed by this Bank.(2012)




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