Q-1) Define Consumerism. (1)
Q-2) What do you mean by product line? (1)
Q-3) What is TAN? (1)
Q-4) What is a merger between firms that are involved in totally unrelated business activities called? (1)
Q-5) Who are angel investors? (1)
Q-6) “Creative products and services are born as a result of problem solving”. Explain with the help of example. (2)
Q-7) Why is it important to carefully choose a legal structure for the business? (2)
Q-8) Distinguish between Internal expansion and External expansion. (2)
Q-9) An entrepreneur uses a name of famous brand of product for marketing his product. He uses a similar logo for this purpose. Is he correct? Suggest him a correct way. (2)
Q-10) A famous company started a promotion scheme of donating one Rupee from every sale of the product for the education of girls of primary class. Write the values associated with this effort of the firm. (2)
Q-11) “Sensitivity to environmental factors is crucial for an entrepreneur”. Explain the benefits of sensitivity analysis. (3)
Q-12) Differentiate between Creativity and innovation on any three basis. (3)
Q-13) “The people working in a firm make it what it is.” Explain. (3)
Q-14) ABC Co. manufacturing shoes, has taken over XYZ Co. which also manufactures shoes at small scale. What do you think will be the reason for this kind of takeover? (3)
Q-15) Differentiate between Cash Flow Projection and Cash Flow Statement on any three basis. (3) (4)
Q-16) There are three key elements in the process of Financial Management. Explain them. (3)
Q-17) Find out EOQ and number of orders to be placed during the year from the following information:
Annual Consumption=120 units
Buying cost per order=Rs. 20/-
Price per unit=Rs. 100
Storage cost as percentage of average inventory=12% (3)
Q-18) Mrs. X started her boutique business near an industrial area and was not getting clients as she had expected. What are the factors which have been ignored before starting the boutique? Suggest various factors that she has to look into before venturing into business. (4)
Q-19) Write a brief note on Value Added Tax. (4)
Q-20) Explain the various types of Brands. (4)
Q-21) Calculate working capital for Raja & Co. from the information as given below:
Stock Rs. 50,000/-
Trade Creditors Rs. 32,000/-
Debtors Rs. 75,000/-
Cash Rs. 1,00,000/-
Dividend payable Rs. 50,000/-
Tax Rs. 44,000/-
Short term loan Rs. 61,000/-
Short term investment Rs. 76,000/- (4)
Q-22) “Environmental factors exert influence upon each other do not operate in isolation. Discuss.
Mr. X always wanted to manufacture an innovative, energy efficient fan. He is looking into various options and has finally narrowed it down to one option. He understands that the entire idea would have to follow a process. Identify and explain the process. (6)
Q-23) Imagine that you have started selling FMCG goods. What kind of promotional strategies would you use?
Explain the requirements for Value chain Management. (6)
Q-24) How do stock options enable employees to become shareholders and share the profits of the company?
“For a good inventory control system, we need to take care of both physical and fiscal aspects.” Explain the nature of items that make up the inventory. (6)


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