Team Building in Organizations

Course Code: MS 232                            L-3                                                             Credits-3



Objectives: This course offers to teach students the importance of raising groups and turning them into passionate teams in organizations. It gives understanding of how individuals as team players must behave to sustain teams.


Course Contents


Unit I

Workgroup Vs. Teams: Transforming Groups to Teams; Types of Teams; Stages of Team Building and its Behavioral Dynamics; Team Role; Interpersonal Processes; Goal Setting and Problem Solving.

            (10 Hours)



Unit II

Interpersonal Competence & Team Effectiveness: Team Effectiveness and Important Influences on Team Effectiveness. Role of Interpersonal Competence in Team Building; Measuring Interpersonal Competence FIRO-B, Context; Goals; Team Size; Team Member Roles and Diversity; Norms; Cohesiveness; Leadership, Measuring Team Effectiveness.

       (10 Hours)



Unit III

Communication and Creativity: Communication Process; Communication Effectiveness & Feedback; Fostering Team Creativity; Delphi Technique; Nominal Group Technique; Traditional Brain Storming; Electronic Brain Storming, Negative Brain Storming.

 (10 Hours)



Unit IV

Role of Leaders in Teams: Supporting Teams; Rewarding Team Players; Role Allocation; Resource Management for Teams; Selection of Team Players; Leaders as Facilitators, Mentors; Developing Collaboration in Teams: Functional and Dysfunctional Cooperation and Competition; Interventions to Build Collaboration in Organizations; Social Loafing, Synergy in Teams, Self-Managed Teams.

            (12 Hours)



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